H201 Shower Filter with Vitamin C Snail Slime Milk Powder Coconut Oil and Fragrances

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Skin problems? Don't trust your tap water? Stressed lately?

H201 Shower Filters are infused with vitamins, nutrients, and a soft aromatic scent to cleanse the body and mind. Our filters have been the #1 best selling shower filter in South Korea for these reasons and are being used all over the world today.

Tap water uses chlorine, which is highly sterilizing and disinfecting, to eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria. Residual chlorine in tap water is easily exposed and absorbed through the respiratory tract and skin. Using tap water that is not pure water can cause skin diseases.

Vitamins & Nutrients

👉Signature blends of aromatherapy designed to create the most relaxing showers ever.

👉Trehalose (plant sugar) from Cactus protects the cell membranes and skin’s moisture from drying out.

✅Vitamin C
👉Vitamin C antioxidant increases elasticity of skin and reduces aging, blemishes, freckles.

✅Coconut Oil
👉Coconut oil is extremely moisturizing and contains antioxidant Vitamin E which is known to protect skin cells from damage over time, as well as soothe eczema, sunburn and psoriasis. It absorbs quickly into skin and helps strengthen skin tissue.

✅Milk Powder 
👉Milk powder lightly removes dead skin cells without pulling the skin.

✅Snail Extract
👉Snail extract helps rejuvenate skin damaged by UV, wrinkles, acne spots and stretch marks.


Aroma Therapy
The aroma added to the filter is unique to H201 and has been studied for maximum relaxation. It is developed through tens of thousands of tests such as water pressure, temperature, water quantity for optimum incense.

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