MOMAX Capacitive Pen Touch Screen Stylus Pencil for Apple Samsung Tablet iPad

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1.5mm fine pen tip, high-precision fine tip, delicate like a pencil
Detachable soft fiber tip is provided.
When there is no power, remove the top cover and install the soft fiber tip.
Fully compatible with Apple iOS/Android system,
suitable for capacitive touch screen devices such as mainstream mobile phones/iPad/tablets on the market.
The aluminum alloy pen pole anodizing and piano paint process shine,
bringing a comfortable skin-friendly feel.
One-button start, the white LED light is on, you can use it,
no need to connect Bluetooth, install APP, etc.,
the operation is simple and easy to use.
Charging for 60 minutes, inspiration for 10 hours.
140mAh large-capacity lithium battery, after 60 minutes of full charge,
sustainable creation or game for 10 hours, so that inspiration.
• Red light indicates charging
• Green light means full charge
• White light indicates in use
When the capacitive stylus is left unused for 5 minutes,
it will enter the automatic power-off sleep state, saving energy and saving power.
Anti-lost magnetic adsorption cap,
soft fiber pen and cap will be attached to the top of the stylus,
dustproof and more beautiful.
Adopt high-mesh gold-plated pen tip, fine polishing and smooth,
improve sensitivity and writing feel, and care for the screen.