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MOMAX Clean-Jug

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Rated Voltage : DC 12V
Rated Power : 26W
Modes :
Normal Mode (3 mins) - Application: Household items, kitchen tools, personal items, e.g. table & chair, shoe cabinet, interior of the refrigerator, handle, tooth brush, nail clipper, denture, toys, chopping board, curtain, etc.
Deep Clean Mode (10 mins) - Application: Bathroom, garbage bin, mildew area, drain outlet, outfits etc.
Size : 180mm x 105mm x 220mm
Weight : 520g

1. After sanitizing, please rinse throughly with water before using baby products, oral products or tools & items that will be in contact with food.
2. If in doubt, patch test or dilute the electrolysed water before use.
3. Dispose the electrolysed water if not in use after 48 hours.
4. Do not restart the electrolysis process for the electrolysed water because the composition is no longer effective for sanitizing.
5. Keep the device dry if not in use.


Power Adapter
Measuring Spoon (1pc)