Vitarain Vitamine C Shower Filter

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Vitarain Honey shower filter is a fine masterpiece of a patented technology
which is about 12-square flow structure and impeller structure. That's why
it has lasting effect for hours even though tap water flows continuously.

Vitarain Honey Shower Filter strengthens the skin health by adding honey containing
propolis which is excellent for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.



Removal of 99.9% residual cholrine

There is a toxic substance called trochalomethane (THM) in the cleanup process of tap water. Vitarain shower filter safely removes residual chlorine by chemical reactions.

Alleviate skin disease

If you take a shower with tap water with residual chlorine, you will develop skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, pimples, and psoriasis. The Vitarain Shower filter removes skin disease by removing residual chlorine and oxidizing substances.

Amazing effects of vitamin C!

Vitarain shower filter contains vitamin C which is made more than 800 lemons. Anti-oxygenatic vitamin C helps prevent skin aging and has excellent whitening effect.

Removal of foreign substance and rust

This product contains nonwaven fabric, which removes rust and foreign substances, thus providing cleaner water.